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How to get Naxos

on 27 February 2013
Last Updated: 05 June 2013
Created: 27 February 2013

Naxos has both an airport and port with very good connections to several Greek towns. Visiting Naxos is very easy throughout the year .Both ships and catamarans arrive daily from the port of Pireus. Also you can come to Naxos from other islands in the Cyclades , the Dodecanese and Crete.

The service is even better during the summer months. By ship you may reach Naxos from Pireus in 6 to 7 hours .The high speed boat is quicker and reaches Naxos after 2.5 to 3.5 hours. Ticket price depends on the season when you travel and the kind of ship you will choose.

Naxos airport is situated about 1 klm outside Chora and you can reach it by taxi or bus. Flight time to Athens is 35 minutes. Also from Naxos you may fly to Thessaloniki , Rhodos, Santorini, and Crete and several other European towns by chartered flight. The airfare changes according to season of travel , the airline you choose and the availability of seats.

Getting Around from Naxos down town

  • Airport 1,5
  • Port 0
  • Agios Georgios 0,7
  • Agios Prokopios 5
  • Agia Anna 6
  • Plaka 6,5
  • Mikri Vigla 17
  • Kastraki 17
  • Aliko 21
  • Agiassos 21
  • Fyloti 20
  • Apiranthos 32
  • Moutsouna 45
  • Apollonia 50
  • Chalki 17
  • Sagkri 11