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Houses in Naxos

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Houses in Naxos

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Beautiful low energy consumption houses for sale in Naxos, Cyclades, Greece.  The houses have a panoramic sea view. The well maintained garden has mature trees, shrubs and flowers and a lovely swimming pool. The houses for sale in Naxos is the best option for those who want to buy a dream house!

The company has homes for sale either for permanent  or for vacation residences in the island of Naxos, at the archipelagos of Cyclades Greece. The subject property is located on the area, well known as «Stavropigi» and has a distance of around 1 km from the centre of Vivlos village and 10 km from the Hora , the capital of Naxos island.

It ‘s a place of great natural beauty, which in its biggest part presents great view to the sea. ‘Stavropigi’ is considered as one of the most beautiful areas, since it accumulates buildings of great architectural design and of magnificent aesthetics, following the traditional architecture motives of Cyclades islands.

The village of Vivlos, is located in the Southwestern part of the island, on the way to marvellous beaches of Kastraki - Aliko and Pyrgaki without lack of its own beach, Plaka. Vivlos-Tripodes village, with the stone houses, the narrow alleyways and the superb sightseeing, can satisfy every taste and need.  Vivlos village is considered as one of the most popular places in Naxos Island, for summer holidays.  This is mainly because of its natural beauty, the quality of the sea and the even climatic conditions.  That is also, the reason why the general area has shown significant development trends for hotel apartments as well as a big number of summer residencies.

The houses for sale in Naxos offer energy efficient operations based on new technology of energy and water saving.  Most of the construction materials we use are environmental – friendly and less harmful to the health. Our main goal is to construct buildings as healthier as possible free from toxic materials and other harmful substances and also to get the lower possible levels of management costs for energy of heating, cooling and water supply.
K.SPANOS – E.TOHTAMIS s.a. Construction Company is considered as a general Partnership Company of civil engineers in the field of construction either in the private or public sector and as investment consultants as well.  Main partners are Mr. Costa’s Spanos and Mr. Elias Tochtamis, both civil engineers graduated from N.T.U.A (National Technical University of Athens).

The company co-operates in a regular base with expert engineers, in the aim to give the most integrated services, from the beginning until the end of the construction process. 
The company has been activated in Greece and mainly in the city of Athens since 2003.  It specializes in low energy consumption buildings and generally applies renewable resources techniques such bio climatic architecture, geothermal pumps, solar applications, biological water processing in the new buildings. The company carries out a considerable number of projects all over the city of Athens and all ready expands its activities in the rest of Greece as well.

Getting Around from Naxos down town

  • Airport 1,5
  • Port 0
  • Agios Georgios 0,7
  • Agios Prokopios 5
  • Agia Anna 6
  • Plaka 6,5
  • Mikri Vigla 17
  • Kastraki 17
  • Aliko 21
  • Agiassos 21
  • Fyloti 20
  • Apiranthos 32
  • Moutsouna 45
  • Apollonia 50
  • Chalki 17
  • Sagkri 11